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Wagmi World is a NFT collection living on the Ethereum blockchain designed to be cute, colorful & nostalgic.

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A vibrant communitychanging NFT education

We promote a culture where being genuine outshines grinding ☀️

Meet the team 💀

Wagmi World is ran by a diverse and creative team who hold years of experience in multiple industries and professions. With that being said, Wagmi World wouldn't be possible without the help of our amazing Guardians and community Helpers.

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    Founder, Artist

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    Project Advisor

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    Head Admin, CTO

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    Head Mod, Branding

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    Animation, Branding

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    Kryspa Labs

    Strategy, Partnerships

📣Our mission

As the crypto & NFT world has began to explode, our mission is to become a bridge for newcomers to safely step into this rapidly moving space and empower the web through education and opportunities.

We're going to achieve this by producing educational content on how to navigate the WEB3 safely, but also how to invest your time and money wisely in the NFT space.

We realize the first 2 months are critical for an NFT project, which is why we chose to plan out 2 different roadmaps! We do not want to over-promise our future without knowing what our community wants first which is why community voting will help guide us.

What we're building

First 2 months

The short term

Immediate goals that we will be focusing on after mint:

First 10 months

The long term

Expanding our ecosystem and conquering our mission:

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Frequently asked questions

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